1 year and going strong

So it has officially been 1 year that my dogs and I have been travelling. Well I can tell you that it definitely didn’t go the way we planned but if has been perfect, we have had the most amazing times, met the most amazing people and seen the most amazing places. I am thankful for the people who have helped us with our travel and with our necessities. We are not done yet. Unfortunately travelling will still be done on an extremely low budget, but will be following the road that the wind guides us along. I stand here 12 months from the person I was, I can’t believe that that was me. Who I have become and what I have had to do has left me in a state of disbelief. From here we go forward. 

I don’t stand up to lots I stand for one. Peace.¬†

So looking at Facebook this morning, sticking my nose once again. I sense fear. So i go look, wolves. I go yay and the town goes blood thirsty. Wolves are seen as the devil, coming in the night and killing. This is not the case unfortunately. 

Here is the problem explained by a very wise friend of mine. We will call this friend “Tree”. 

There is a greater reason to the problem. This reason makes our fear one of self. The people of the valley hunt a lot. They kill many animals, this leaving the ecosystem very unbalanced. We are having problems solving this imbalance. This is how the wolves are solving their imbalance. There is no food left for them in their habitats. We have taken it. They hungry they come and look for food. 

So this is not an act of greed on the wolves behalf, it’s an act of greed on our side. An act that needs to be let go. 

Now this is how we solve this. The wolves are not to blame. It’s the hunters that are to blame for the depleted food source for the wolves. And the hunters are only hunting because we buy their meat. Now I don’t say stop hunting, this would solve the problem but I realize that there is no hope at this happening. So this is my proposal. Hunters should pay an organization per kg of animal they kill. This money should go to breeding programs and compensation for livestock damage. This way we put a balance in the system. I can promise you that humans hunt more animals then the wolves come to our farms for. 

This is the only way we will have peaceful farmers, still do the pointless sport of hunting, and have wolves that keep our mountains alive.


I am noticing a recurring behavior lately. 

Taking pictures of my dogs is beautiful and fun but. To get them to look at me for the pictures is difficult. I have decided that my boy just flatly disagrees with in on a whole. 

I must admit it was my attitude aswell. Always loved photography but never liked being in photographs. 

Now I selfie at lease once a week, I even pull a selfie video. This is how travelling changes a person. This introvert who left South African started not giving a shit. 

Waiting for that time to come for my boy.


I find some things just amazing. Here in Italy we have our coffee shop/bar. Being South African my self and my dogs come and spend the morning having coffee and breakfast. The amount of people who rush in. Then in a state of peace, order a coffee(espresso) and drop one euro on the counter, take the slip and leave. Like a fuel station. 

We sit and watch as people come in and out. It is beautiful to see the way they react to this routine visit. 


There are few things that I can overcome and there are few things I can’t. The desire to pack bags and go is one of the things I struggle with most.

I was always a home boy. I loved my home and family and all my securities. This has turned on its head. I can stay in a place for 2 weeks and then I start getting restless.

Once you get a taste for the adventure and see the beauty in travelling and being a traveller, You become an addict. There are some things I can explain, this is something I can’t. I will try however. When you travel, there is new beginnings everywhere you look. Your mind has so much to process that “reality”(the life where we live lies and work for papers that represent our worth) falls away. It is freedom. 

Who wouldn’t want to have that feeling every day.