The shadows behind the photos

I have gotten a lot of negative feedback from people over the last 12 months, as I ask for support in the form of sponsorships I get told that I am not able to ask for any support due to the fact that I am living the dream everyone else wishes to live. Well I can promise it’s not all just beautiful landscapes and pretty pictures. 

I have given up my house for a tent,

I have given up my car for a pair of hiking shoes,

I have given up my bed for a blanket on the floor, 

I have given up my family and friends for a community that doesn’t understand me,

I have given up breakfast and lunch many days so I can afford to take my dogs out and have fun,

I have given everything up to live my life,

I made the choice to reach for my dream and I live it.

Is it always easy? No

Can I manage to survive here? I don’t know.

Do I struggle to put food on my plate? Yes.

Do my dogs ever go hungry? No. 

Do they ever stay at home? No. 

Would I change my life? No. 

If I am asking for support, it’s not because I am looking for an easy way out, it’s not because I want you to feel sorry for me. It is purely because I am not able to carry on posting those beautiful photos, it is because I can’t give my dogs the most amazing experiences 

I ask for help because everything I do here I do it to help and change the world for dogs. And I don’t ask them to pay me for that. 


We have been struggling lately, we bought a camper about 10 months ago and it has been impossible to have it registered here in Italy, it has drained our money and has stopped us from travelling, I am hoping we manage to fix the problems and push on but it is not easy. 

We did manage to get to Croatia for a few days. It wasn’t really a holiday as we were there for training but the dogs had Fun so I guess it counts. Well here are some pics

Why do you wake?

I live to be alive. The ultimate feeling of life is to feast, to drink, to have relationships, to discover both the external and internal worlds. I live so I can love. I hurt so I can love again. I wake up so I can fill my day and once my body is tired I rest my head to prepare for the next. 
I wake because I was given a gift. I wake because I have the possibility to wake. 

I wake because I believe there will come a day where life will be peace, where all heartbeats will be free, where the world will live on love.

Backup Plan

Meeting lots of different people is one of the valuable aspects of travel.

Recently i was told that it is stupid not to have a backup plan in place. If something goes wrong you will be left with nothing. This is a mind set of many people out there, these many people are also most likely still working on their back up plan. 

It is true i have nothing to fall back on. I also have no option to go back. This does leave me in a bit of a tough point at times.

Why am i writing this, well i don’t agree that having a backup plan for in case you fail at making your dreams come true is a good thing. 

This is why.

If you have a plan for failing then you are indirectly planning on failing. You cant go for your dream with the idea that it might not work. Times get very hard and quitting is very tempting. If i had something to go back to i would have quit one month after i left. This would mean i would not have experienced what i am now. Just to fill you in, my dream is to live high in the mountains of italy. To walk free every day with my dogs. To drink fresh clean water and breath clean air. Well 9 months of hell has lead me to this. I now sit 20 km away from the perfect place to secure my dream. 

This was all done because i have no backup plan. I had only 2 options, go back the way i came or keep going forward. Both were to be difficult but the hard times you don’t know are coming are easier to deal with the the hard times you have already gone through.

Keep pushing. Give up everything for what is important in your life. You don’t need a rope if you know you wont fall.