Photography, best teacher I have.

Photography and how it has the power to teach you great life lessons.

Recently the weather has been great here in the mountains. But even when it was cold and rainy there was one activity that would always change my view on life and the situation. This was whether i had my camera or not.

I found that when i walked with my camera i saw more beauty in life then when i walked without it.

Why? Well when i walked without my camera the caterpillar that was crossing the path would have just been avoided and we would have moved on. With the camera i spent 30 minutes watching it and got this.

Insert caterpillar video.
This didn’t just happen with the caterpillar. It happend with everything. The water flowing in the streams, the butterflies kissing flowers, the grass blowing, the light, the clouds, the fog, the raindrops on plants, the frozen water. The simplest of things all became very important in the construction of my walk. I had an increased sense. I was seeing everything for its beauty, even the mouse that was lost to nature.

It is so effective i actually feel one can cure depression with the camera.

Now that i have been seeing everything, i have started to listen. To the sounds of the forests, the sounds of the streets. This is the the next sense that will be put to more work.

Photography was the start to a process of me weakening up.

It is something i suggest everyone starts to do.

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