Working with animals 

They say that passion is found where there is no money. Well I have to agree. I have recently been looking for work here in Italy and it is no easy task. I am aware that the global economic status is not looking very good and especially here in Italy but this is not really the point of my post. 

The ability to understand and work with animals is something you can’t read from a book. It’s not something you can be told and then able. To have the ability to work with animals is a gift. A gift that is so powerful and has the ability to change the world. So why isn’t it? Why is this gift not being put to good use? 

Society has put all its power into making other focus points. Making judgement more important then understanding, making death more important then life, making work more important then family, making books more important then naturally ability. 

It is those very institutions that are said to provide you with success, that strip you of it. We are to blame for this. We have the power to stop and change it but fear controls us. 

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