Ticks, little devils

So as the warmth comes back to the forests and the fields all the plants and animals come to life. As beautiful as this is, it brings a devil with it. Ticks. 
If you are walking anywhere where there are alot of bushes and long grass please just lookout for these little buggers. 
If you are in the mountains and eastern part of europe there is a greater reason to do so. TBEV is a viruse that is deadly and unstoppable, unpreventable(not to sure if this is the right spelling) 
Please refer to the image for danger zones and please make sure to use plenty of tick repellent. I suggest looking at natural options as well as a tablet form. Obviously i am referring more so to the dogs safety but for you also. Look out. 
Long pants and preferably a slippery material. Spray your legs with stinky stuff and keep your eyes peeled. They are found on the edges of paths and don’t usually go hier then 70cm. They sit and wait for passing animals.
They will usually go for the soft parts of your dogs so after each hike brush and check well. 
Please guys and girls look out. They fortunately do not exceed the altitude of 1500m but just be careful.
Image reference and additional info


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