New world

With arriving in Frankfurt, Germany. We were all a bit shell shocked. The dogs were tried and i was also finished. The stress was just a bit much for all of us. It took a few days to settle. Unfortunately we didn’t have a few days.

We arrived on the 20th April and the 25th April we were to go to a farm for a week. From the farm we would be off to Switzerland. All the papers had to be sorted out between arrival and the 25th. Because Switzerland is not part of the European Union, i needed to have a health clearance for Switzerland.

So with that being sorted out and the struggle to find food in this new world we have landed in, we sorted it all out just in time to be on our way to Lommersdorf, Germany.

Well what an interesting week we had ahead of us. If i new what we were getting into i would have never gone. We arrive in a farm village and i get dropped off at the address. It was a run down barn. This was where we would be staying. So i thought, fortunately not the house was full of dogs. This sounds great but it was far from great. The smell and living conditions of these dogs was not what my heart enjoyed seeing.

My accommodation was amazing, i was living on top of a bikers pub. The people that were there were just amazing and over the next few days we grew very close. We sat and ate and drank beer till early morning, work begins soon.

08h00 we start, Sheep pen to be built. Now the deal was 4 hrs of work and then training dogs. Well by 21h00 we were still working on the fence and not because we did it slowly. During this time it started snowing. Now the next day there was 30 cm of snow. No one was working outside except me. Well for three days it was work from 08h00 to 21h00 and no training for the dogs. So day three i told them that i am done. It was too cold to be outside for them but was ok for me to be out working.

I soon retreated to my room and did not leave the bar for 2 days.

Off to Switzerland soon and hoping living conditions get better.

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