Lone wolf

Travelling has its pros and it’s cons. Unfortunately I feel I haven’t felt either. 

A traveller leaves with the intention on returning. 

When I left I said I was never going back and I never will. I have changed so much I feel the life I left is impossible to go back to. 

Unfortunately what happens when you leave with no intention to return you look for life where you go. But with constant moving you distance your self from the world. This leaves you in a space of loneliness. 

As hard as it is, it is beautiful. Loneliness is when one meets their true being. It doesn’t come easy but well worth it. 

I am surrounded by people, yet lonely. In a land that know can understand my inner being. Frustrated and in a state of depression I slowly loose my mind. My dogs are the only thing that keeps me here. I have given everything away and am left with freedom. The love I have for my dogs is what keeps me going. 

Strangely I love this state, it brings a strange happiness. There is only beauty here. Once you are removed from a system can you see what it’s about. I have found more comfort in my dogs then in most of the people I have had in my life. 

I don’t like the system I was removed from. And have no intention of going back.

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