Crate training

As i promised i would share my training methods with you.

So the best way to do this is from puppy. Unfortunately most people don’t and this makes the process a bit more difficult. I will write about training a puppy first and training a mature dog after.

Puppy crate training.

I drove 8 hours to fetch my dogs and i had bought crates before hand. On the way home my dogs were put in the crates for the car drive. This is the best way to start as puppies get carsick. This means they are likely to sleep as they feel sick. We stoped every hour to let the puppy out and have water and a bit of a run.

Now this has nothing to do with your puppy who is at home already, so you think. The process is the same. Place treats in the crate and then show your puppy that there are treats inside. I would put my puppy in and say “go crate” every time. They stay in the crate till they stop whining. If you let them out before they stop whining then they get used to the fact that their whine gets them out. They should not be left in the crates for more then 10 minutes at first and slowly increases the time. If they whine the full then minutes, let them out and the next day do it again for the same time.

Over time they realize that it doesn’t matter whether they whine or not.

Every time you put them in you give the command “go crate” and give them treats.

This will mean you will have a dog that grows up knowing the crate is a place to relax and sleep. This is important for your working breeds.

Older dogs.

With your older dogs it may take a bit longer but may be less noise. Bring the crate into the house and put treats in the crate, leave their favorite blankets in the crate and leave the door open all day, put treats in the crate randomly.(this is also applicable for the puppies) then as they get used to the crate being a positive place then show them the treats and tell them to “go crate” as you put the treat inside. Close the door and give them another treat. From here uses the same method as the puppy training, slowly increasing the time that they stay in the crates.

If there is ever a storm or event taking place and your dogs are uncomfortable, send them to their crates. What this does is makes them see the crate as a place of security.

The crate becomes their safe place, travelling in them adds comfort as a posed to stress.

The most beneficial planning one can do when wanting to travel with dogs is training. A badly behaved dog will make a difficult trip.


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